Siouxland United F.C. Kicks Off a New Era: Joins the National Premier Soccer League (NPSL)

Sioux City, IA, 10/24/2023 — Siouxland United Football Club, the dynamic and community-driven soccer team known as "The Outlaws," is thrilled to announce their acceptance into the prestigious National Premier Soccer League (NPSL). This momentous decision marks a new chapter in the club's journey and promises an exciting future for soccer enthusiasts throughout the Siouxland region.

The NPSL, a highly regarded amateur league in the United States, is known for nurturing local talent and fostering a deep passion for the sport. It is the ideal platform for clubs like Siouxland United F.C. to shine while maintaining a strong connection to their community.

The Outlaws are all set to step onto the national stage, and their inclusion in the NPSL is a testament to the club's commitment to both the sport of soccer and the fans who support them.

Mike J. Wells, co-owner of Siouxland United F.C., expressed his enthusiasm, saying, "Our acceptance into the NPSL is a significant milestone for our club. We believe it will take our game to a whole new level and offer a platform for our players to showcase their talent on a larger scale."

The decision to join the NPSL is a strategic one, aligning seamlessly with Siouxland United F.C.'s vision of "United by Bridges, United by Soccer." The club aims to bridge communities, not just within Siouxland but also across the nation, by participating in this esteemed league.

Mike Wells, president of Siouxland United F.C., shared his excitement, saying, "This move reflects our belief in the power of soccer to bring people together. We can't wait to hit the field and represent Siouxland with pride."

Siouxland United F.C. believes that their involvement in the NPSL will not only benefit the club and its fans but also contribute to the development of soccer in the region. The club has already shown an unwavering commitment to supporting local soccer initiatives, and this new venture aligns perfectly with those values.

Bob Giese, another co-owner of the club, commented, "Our club is more than just a soccer team; it's a symbol of unity. Joining the NPSL is the perfect way to take that message further."

As Siouxland United F.C. sets its sights on a thrilling future in the NPSL, fans, sponsors, and supporters throughout the Siouxland region can expect a season filled with exciting matches, community engagement, and the joy of soccer.

Keep an eye on Siouxland United F.C. as they embark on this exciting new journey in the NPSL. For more updates and information on the club's journey, follow them on their official website and social media channels.

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